Thursday, 10 March 2011


The romantic cliche (VCR dream experience)   

Okay, I shall kick this blog off with an old painting I finished in 2010. It is a large one. I think it was created through a happy mistake, there is actually a fairly detailed face underneath the purple, but I screwed it up and got annoyed so I just slapped the paint over it and I think it looked better. So yeah. It is connected to a character in my novel, and I am hoping to use it as the front cover for the finished book. The character based all his dreams and ambition on his VCR existence, leeching his actual being from fictional characters. In the book, he is so influenced by the movies that he takes his dream of 'meeting the woman in red' to another level. It ends up that he is shot by his own father in a cross fire. His father does not notice that his bullet has left his son's face resembling two pork chops that have been in a blender, and the story continues.

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