Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Ok so blogger will not allow me to upload pictures anymore. great.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Internetisms and slack jaws.

Everyone seems to have slack jaws unless the subject matter that is being discussed is connected directly to internet/television. I am sure the innovator of the internet age surely had an idea that it would grow to be 'a portable, interactive melting pot of information'. So why so much stupidity? The interactive aspect, as in being able to change minor things in 'real time', it is like someone unnecessarily shouting at the top of their voice, just to fill silence for a short period of time, so they have their few seconds where they are heard and are noticed. It seems to be a common condition, people want other people to know they exist. The youth are now on a drip feed internet connection...their lives are confirmed by the addition of social networking sites. Through this technology a child could live a complete 'electric existence', nothing learned nor gained, but just an existence confirmed. Photography has taken a graceful bow, every single child is now an artist because they can take a photo of themselves in the mirror while their mother sits downstairs, confused and alienated. Kill the old. They don't understand anyway. Child with a kitchen knife over his sleeping mother, his social networking lifestyle clicking away in the background. Television helps the child find his latest hairstyle, his sense of humor, the way he talks. 'Internetisms', are words created by people who spend too much time in a fake reality. I think society needs another five-ten years to fully understand the aftermath of this era, to see the ill effects and the highly possible downwards slope in all art forms that benefit from being able to think coherently, without a constant electric gnat in your ear telling you what to say and think. The slack jaw clan will appear in the upcoming years, they will be completely unable to communicate face to face, they will only reveal themselves in badly constructed sentences behind opaque plastic shields.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Skinhead Stamper

'Skinhead Stamper preview'

A rough drawing for the upcoming mini comic strip featuring in a music zine, it showcases the adventures of Skinhead Stamper, a beer and football loving racist cunt. Stay tuned.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Other assorted illustrations for 'When the humans return to the embryo'

All rough drawings of characters depicted within my novel, A4 with the only medium being shoddy cheap black biros. Some are meant to be far from photo realistic as they are interpretations made from a character in the novel who is so frightened by technology he refuses to use the convenience of the camera, preferring to roughly sketch the people in his notepad. This character is a journalist and his memoirs are conveyed from his drawings and his writings throughout the book. Of course, these are rough drawings and merely provide a small idea of the finished product.


The romantic cliche (VCR dream experience)   

Okay, I shall kick this blog off with an old painting I finished in 2010. It is a large one. I think it was created through a happy mistake, there is actually a fairly detailed face underneath the purple, but I screwed it up and got annoyed so I just slapped the paint over it and I think it looked better. So yeah. It is connected to a character in my novel, and I am hoping to use it as the front cover for the finished book. The character based all his dreams and ambition on his VCR existence, leeching his actual being from fictional characters. In the book, he is so influenced by the movies that he takes his dream of 'meeting the woman in red' to another level. It ends up that he is shot by his own father in a cross fire. His father does not notice that his bullet has left his son's face resembling two pork chops that have been in a blender, and the story continues.

Welcome my minions.

Greetings chums, this is a message from Sam Gammon, also known as the star of the award winning comic book 'Silly Pork Dad', created by the handsome, charming and charismatic genius of A P Hughes, who is also the creator of this pointless blog. I thought you would all like to see my gammon like features as an introduction to this delightful blog. Bye now!